About Our Company

Berwyn Technologies is a Bedford, Ohio company serving the computing needs of business and residential customers in the Northeastern Ohio area.

Started in January 2000, Berwyn has grown from a small company serving residential customers from the basement of the owner, to a company that now serves small and mid-size corporations from it's Bedford Operations Center.

What we do.

The Berwyn Team has actively sought to develop new technologies that can be used to serve our unique customer base. With the introduction of the Your Vault services, Berwyn has been able to secure it's customers data and provide much needed security to companies who would not otherwise be able to afford similar, more costly and complex alternatives.

Berwyn has developed strategic partnerships with companies like Seagate Technologies, DriveSavers, AMD, Targus, Microsoft, MSI, and others to bring high quality products to our customers.

The Berwyn philosophy is to never sell customers on products that they do not need, but rather act as a guide to technologies that can enhance their existing business environment.


We pride ourselves on customer service. If we make a commitment to you, we'll follow through to make sure that you get what you expect.

Berwyn is your one stop shop for hardware, software, and services like web design.

Call us today and find out how we can help you!